Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dog Day: Scarlett

Today is a Dog Day, when we feature some dog rescue work in our area. This post was contributed by Eevie, who is a rescuer and fosterer with Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue -- that is, when she's not busy rescuing pregnant cats from her alley! Eevie is currently fostering Scarlett, who is experiencing some medical problems. CBBR is seeking donations:

"When Scarlett was rescued from an abandoned building in Gary, Indiana, she weighed only 32 pounds, had bite wounds on her face, deep pressure sores on her ankles, and had such a low red blood cell count that her blood looked pink. Our vet told us she would have starved to death in a day or two had we not rescued her. Her foster family carried her up and down the stairs to go potty for days, and built her a cozy recovery kennel where she could rest and get well. In the last 6 weeks Ms. Scarlett has grown into an amazing dog. She has gained a full 50% of her body weight and loves and protects her foster family. She even has a doggie BFF who watches movies with her on the sofa. But sadly, we've recently discovered that Scarlett's extreme anemia has only gotten worse. She is currently undergoing tests on her bone marrow to try to determine the cause of the anemia, and may need blood transfusions in the future.

Our vet told us "Anemia this serious isn't compatible with life. I don't know how she is even alive." But we do. This dog has a tremendous will to live and that incredible pit bull devotion to her people. She finally has a life worth living. Please help us help this amazing dog get well. Donations for her care can be made to CBBR."

As usual, a few dollars here and there do add up. Thank you, friends at CBBR, who are working so hard to save all the sweet and wonderful pitties who so desperately need our help. Please consider CBBR for your next doggie friend!


Anonymous said...

Any updates on this beautiful needy doggie?

Penghu said...

I want to know that, too.