Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sahara update

Fostermom Claire writes that "Sahara is such a wonderful cat. It's hard to believe he hasn't been a housecat all his life because his favorite place is in someone's lap, purring and drooling contentedly on their leg. He's incredibly mellow and seems to have no limit to how much petting and snuggling he can 'endure.' We've noticed that he really like to lick fingers and toes! It's adorable. He also loves nuzzling faces and hands and giving kisses. He likes toys but seems to have a pragmatic attitude to them: if they're moving, efficiently subdue them so the snuggling can resume."

Thanks to our recent donors Amy L. (we wish you could keep fostering too!), Chris G., and Anton and Meng, and to all the folks who donate a can or two of cat food for us at Parkers on 55th. It adds up and the cats appreciate it!

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