Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oatmeal and Talullah

Oatmeal and Talullah are an adorable boy-girl kitten pair available for adoption. Oatmeal is a black-and-white boy with gorgeous light green eyes and Talullah is a grey-and-white lovely girl with one yellow and one blue eye! Together they have matching mismatchings!

Oatmeal is an extremely relaxed and calm boy who will enjoy hours of cuddling. He's also very playful. Talullah is a sweet girl who is what we call "hand-shy." That is, she will shy away from your hand if you reach out for her. If allowed her own way, she'll come sit with you and purr. She has supersoft fur.

Talullah and Oatmeal are both darling kittehs; they need a home together with owners who are willing to give Talullah quiet time to adjust and blossom. She is absolutely not aggressive, just nervous. See also Talullah and Oatmeal.

Together these two are a wonderful pair! They are waiting for a loving forever home.


Anonymous said...

Hard to say who wins the cuteness contest - the kittens or their fosterkid!

bundeleh said...

Definitely the kid (says the mom).

Laura said...

I was going to make almost the same comment as "Anonymous" but apparently I was too late!