Friday, March 25, 2011

Frida and Sahara updates

Update on Frida from her foster family: "Frida's recovery is progressing well at the Cheney household. Frida greets people as they come into her room with a welcoming little meow, hoping to be petted; she is very affectionate, and sits for as long as you want to pet her soft brown tabby coat, purring so loudly you can easily hear her across the room. She is a pretty shy little girl but will sit for our boys (4 & 8) so long as they are gentle. Impeccable litter box habits despite the street pedigree." Thank you, Cheneys, for doing this mitzvah.

And thank you to Claire and her roommates for stepping up to the plate and offering Sahara a foster home! He is available for immediate adoption (neutered, neg/neg, vaxed, etc.). He would be fine with other cats or as a singleton.

Curious about fostering but not sure it's for you? Talk to us and find out more! Any of our current fosterers would be happy to email or chat with you over coffee. Every fosterhome we have means more kitties we don't have to put back out on the street, or more kitties we can rescue from euthanasia in the pound.


James said...

A big sigh of relief on my part... with a sick cat and at my lease max for cats too, I just couldn't do it.

Anonymous said...

Do you have some place for poor little Roger to go? Can you get him in to Treehouse?

bundeleh said...

Treehouse cannot take cats who are already known to be FIV+ (because it is harder to get them adopted). We do not have a placement for Roger and released him back into his colony, where he is fed and watched over. We could retrieve him if you are interested!

Anonymous said...

I will let you know if I can help with Roger shortly. I do understand that FIV+ cats are harder to find homes for.