Friday, March 4, 2011

TNR Projects Need Your Help

Spring is almost here! And the cats are getting busy!

PAWS, which works to TNR colonies all over the South Side, needs local help trapping, transporting and recovering. This is a great short-term volunteer opportunity to really get out there and make a difference. Every cat we can TNR now is like seven billion fewer cats born this year. It's also a unique way to see the South Side. Driving around the alleys and side streets, meeting the residents who care about the cats and their neighborhoods, helping to make things better, cleaner, more humane--it's a wonderful, eye-opening way to usher in the spring.

We are seeking TNR volunteer(s) to work on specific projects. Responsibilities could include working with the colony caregiver, trapping, transporting the cats to the Lurie Clinic for surgery and recovering the cats at PAWS Chicago or with the caregiver (i.e., post-surgery). Each project will be different and will need more or less assistance. Even if you can only go once, it really helps

Trapping help is sought in zip codes 60629, 60637, 60632, 60623, 60619, 60649.

We are also seeking volunteers to trap weekdays after 2 pm on the "King Project" in Woodlawn and surroundings. You would be partnering with a very knowledgeable Woodlawn resident.

Please spread the word far and wide around the South Side. Kittens are being made as you read this!

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