Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Bewick is an approx. 4-mo.-old male kitten who we saw all by his little lonesome in cold cage at AWL. We just couldn't leave him there so he went to fostermom Katherine's for his quarantine period before being sent on to his long-term fosterhome. Katherine says "Bee's a pro jumper (kitchen countertops beware). The purr-motor starts if you so much as look at him. He really likes being picked up and carried around like a baby, sometimes even taking a break from eating (his other favorite thing) to demand to be picked up! Like most kittens he is very active and playful and will occasionally tear around chasing nothing at all. Totally fascinated by running water and not at all afraid or averse. Likes to play cat-scarf by wedging himself right in the shoulder/neck area for maximum delicious warm snuggles." Judging from his martini, he's a cat for the Mad Men set.

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