Monday, March 21, 2011


Frida is a complete sweetheart. She has the cutest little cry that she uses to beg for pets. She is young, under a year, and quite small. She is a champion purr machine and loves human company. Temporary fostermom says "When I approach her, she arches and rubs and rolls on her back to express her joy in seeing me." Frida is just inside for post-op recovery following her spay surgery (she was pregnant!) even though she is very friendly and dear. All our foster homes are full. If you would like to foster Frida so that this beautiful girl can find a home, please email us at Frida is from the Liliana Colony. In the second photo she's resting between the traps holding two of her feral companions, who were released.


Ruth said...

what a beautiful brindle coat and fabulous long whiskers

Anonymous said...

Come on readers, step up and foster these poor cats so they don't have to live outside. I already foster for another rescue and am full-up or I would do it. There are a million excuses not to but all you need is one room to keep them in and a caring heart.

Ruth said...

Well said ANON: the more foster spaces HPC has, the more cats we can save. Fosterers really do make the difference between life and death in some cases ... And even when it's not a matter of life or death, putting a cat back in the street shortens its life dramatically. HPC can always help out with food, equipment and advice about cat care.