Monday, May 2, 2011

Aki and Oni

Oni and her sister, Aki, were at the Animal Welfare League's 62nd street facility without their mom, so we took them home with us. Sadly, Aki died after a week in foster care. Many of these little sweeties who are at the pound or born outside just don't have the strength to make it -- but we are so glad we could give Aki a week of Danna's loving fosterhome.

These two pictures together show these beautiful baby tortie sisters together. Aki has the bright orange slash on her forehead; Oni has a pink nose. Oni is doing great -- tune in tomorrow for some unbelievably cute pix!

Thanks to Danna for caring for Aki; and Aki, look for some of our other HPCats to help you at the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Aki.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, so sad. She was such a cutie. And your parting advice to her made me cry...