Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dog Day: Rosemary update

Something nice for a rainy day. We've had some recent rescues on the highways and I wanted to update readers on Rosemary the red pitbull rescued before Thanksgiving 2009 by Eevie and her hubby, Hyde Park Cats and Chicagoland Bullybreed Rescue (CBBR) Volunteer/pit bull guardian angels extraordinaire! Eevie writes "the poor girl had been dumped by a cement barrier on the Dan Ryan where she laid sprawled out and trembling as cars roared past. She was pregnant at seven months old, covered with bite wounds and too scared to stand, but when the volunteer approached she timidly wagged the bloody tip of her tail. By the time she got in their car she was giving tentative but grateful kisses.

Almost miraculously, this starving and abused dog blossomed in her foster home where she immediately became BFFs with the resident female pitbull who taught her how to play and to sleep curled up on the sofa (this is them on a playdate). Her wounds healed, she was spayed, and after three weeks she was adopted by a fabulous young couple. Rosemary's (now Betsy's) forever mom is herself a rescue volunteer who works with Safe Humane Chicago to educate the public about the kind treatment of animals. Betsy is thriving in her new home where she is a cherished member of the family. She has many dog and human friends and is even allowed to come into the corner store with her mom and dad, who know better than to tie a dog outside. Once Betsy has grown up a little, her parents will begin training her for therapy dog certification.

CBBR does great work saving pitties and pittie mixes. If you'd like to help out, please check out their website or write in to be put in touch with Eevie.

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Agree. An excellent read for a rainy day! So nice to catch up with Rosemary, er, Betsy