Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gus + Tiberias

We've had to start doubling up our fostercats. Please spread the word that we have many wonderful cats available!

We put Gus and Tiberias together and guess what, it's great! Check them out playing in fostermom Courtney's Foster kitteh Flikrstream (some photos show Zoe, who was adopted). Tiberias and Gus can be adopted singly or together. They are both affectionate and playful young male cats. Tiberias was found in Washington Park foraging in a dumpster ... Gus was found in a feral-cat colony. Either cat would be great for someone looking to adopt a cat with some personality and spunk!

Ask about our "twofer" special regarding these boys!

Thanks to Anna F. for her post-mother's day donation -- and for the scale, too!

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Laura said...

awww...what a pair