Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mama cats out there ... the cats who were not spayed by their owners and "got pregnant" and then were dumped at Animal Welfare. The cats who are living outside and are giving birth right as you read this, in the best little nest they can manage. The cats stuck in a little cage with their kittens at Animal Control, hoping they get pulled by a rescue before it is their turn to be euthanized. The mama cats who were left behind when their cute kittens got adopted, and who wait and wait for a forever home.

Send a Mother's Day card with a small donation to Alley Cat Allies, a national umbrella organization working on outdoor-cat issues.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, who manages her own outdoor cats (and indoor cats) and is the reason I keep this blog. Love you Ma.

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lilolady said...

Aww, love you too, and the two wee girls you are Mama to, and all the kitties under your care.