Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Antonia is a gorgeous young girl (definitely under one year) with supersoft gray fur. She was found wandering outside during one of the stormy nights a few weeks ago ... seeking attention, no collar, no chip, nobody seeking her. She is one of many extraneous and homeless, yet friendly, cats on the western side of Hyde Park. We've had her spayed, vaxed, etc., and the volunteer who picked her up has spent time grooming her beautiful long fur. Wouldn't this lovely Russian-blue style gal light up your life? Apply to adopt Antonia!


video one

video two


Anonymous said...

LOVE her! She's super sweet and affectionate and is just a purr machine. Now that she recovered her strength, she's very playful. Just an all around great cat!

Meng Ning said...

I LOVE her! She's super affectionate and is such a purr machine. She's calmly affectionate too and won't bother you if you are busy. Now that she recovered her strength, she's quite playful too running around and jumping. Perfect litter box habits as well.

Ruth said...

I've met her too and she's cute and pretty and very petite.

bundeleh said...

Fosterdad says she's wonderful and curls up under his arms and purrs and purrs.