Sunday, May 29, 2011


Scratchy, a young male from the 82 and Dobson site. TNRed!

Thanks to Marilee W., Desislava P., Dawn D., and Zarinah J. for their contributions to Freddie. Freddie and his primary guardian at the home, Alix, are very grateful. The home also laid off Alix, so she is especially grateful for your financial contributions at this time.


Ruth said...

He is one of many handsome tabbies down there. They are all going back to a neighborhood where people look out for them, feed them, and give them shelter in winter. Kudos to these good hearted Chicago-ens.

Woodsman said...

Here's how healthy it is to release cats back onto public and private lands:

Cats pass disease to wildlife, even in remote areas:

Make sure no pregnant women come onto your land, lest their fetus develop microcephaly, hydrocephaly, or a miscarriage from the Toxoplasma gandii parasites that nearly all cats now carry and spread through their feces. Be sure too that nobody that visits will need a transplant or skin-graft sometime during their lives, because the latent form of infection will kill them if they take anti-rejection medication at any time during their lives. Oh, and have all your visitors take an HIV test to, lest the this cat parasite kills them.

If you'd like to enroll in a more effective cat management program than TNR, try SSS. Shoot, Shovel, & Shut-up. It's sweeping the nation and "legal" everywhere.

TNR proponents should be incarcerated for life. What they are doing is no less than biological-warfare against all of humanity.

Woodsman said...

Here's a little information to help you understand the behaviors of cat-lovers and their cats. Now you'll know exactly why cat-lovers do what they do. It really has nothing at all to do with their concern for cats, nor even the lives of anyone nor anything else, quite the opposite.

Human Territorial Behavior By Expendable Proxy

I have come to the inexorable conclusion that the vast majority of cat-lovers and cat-owners that let their destructive invasive-species roam free, and especially those that defend the rights of feral cats to overtake public property and wildlife areas, are only (cowardly) using cats as a proxy for their own territorial behavior. Not unlike uneducated inner-city youth that will disrespectfully and inconsiderately use loud music to stake-out a territory for themselves. As long as they can have one of their cats defecate in another's yard or destroy their property, animals, and wildlife; and the yard-owner not have any recourse; the cat-owner owns that territory. It's time to put a stop to them using their "cute kitty" excuse for usurping and stealing others' property. If they want territory they can damn well buy it just like anyone else. Instead they're using underhanded, disrespectful, and manipulative means. By putting (and sacrificing) live animals in the path of their envy and greed. Again proving why they don't care about cats nor anyone else at all. Cat-lovers only really want your yard, garden, or forest while making all others and all other animals suffer for what they can't have nor own. Bottom line--they want to control you and your property. That's ALL that "cat-lovers" are really after. It's why they don't care at all if their cat nor any other animals, nor even other humans, get harmed by their goals and (lack of) values in life.

Anonymous said...

Woodsman, I will NOT dignify your comments with a response other than to say you are an idiot and obviously someone without any compassion for animals or people. I would pity you if you weren't so mean-spirited.

lilolady said...

Oh the hypocrisy! Woodsman’s SOS project would pollute the environment with lead. Shooting- up- neighborhood proponents should be incarcerated for life! Oh the violence!

Hey Woody, we see that a breeding pair of cats can produce 420,000 offspring in seven years. We see that felines can harbor infection. But then, so can YOU. In fact, you do.

We seem to have a parallel goal around curbing cat over population. You could actually be effective should you turn your ire – and your great big *impressive* words – in the opposite direction. Use the breeding facts above, get off your ass, and go educate the irresponsible humans out there who are complicit in producing the problem. This cohort includes humans who abuse, abandon, fail to vaccinate and/or fail to de-sex their pets. GO WOODY.

bundeleh said...

Ah, the wrath of Mom (lilolady)!