Monday, May 9, 2011


Well, I never got around to posting this, and now Zoe has been adopted. But every HPC cat must have her day ...

We rescued Zoe from AWL when one of our volunteers just fell in love. Zoe is a ready purr machine who revs up any time she is in your arms. She loves to be scratched on the head and back; she is full of spunk and play and her personality is edgy. She is not a cat that likes to sit around all day doing nothing; if you are around she is darting between your legs to check out what you are up to; she is brave and fearless and sees the world as her playhouse. She loves playing with anything--strings, toy mice, etc. She's super affectionate and loves snuggling. MORE PIX.

Thanks to some of our regular donors for their recent gifts: Chris G., Rhonda S., Veronica W., and Mike H. Purrrrrrs to you.


Anonymous said...

Its actually encouraging to find some lucky kitties get adopted before their stories get out. Wish others were so lucky! Thanks for posting anyway, it honors the process and every one involved in it.

Louise said...

My goodness, she is beautiful!