Thursday, May 12, 2011

Anna Conda video

Anna Conda would like to bring her playful and loving self into your home, please. She loves these grey mice, and will chase them into a corner, then "find" them a second later and start all over again. She's great at self-entertaining, so she could be an only cat (of course, if you'd like more than one cat, we encourage multicatting).

Thanks to Rebecca W. and to Susan and Chris F. for their recent donations. We do accept donations of the food your picky eater won't eat, including open bags, or the food your kitten outgrew, etc. We can also accept your donations of carriers, litter, cat toys, etc., which we either give to our fosterers or sometimes bring to the needy cats at AWL. We are often in need of litter as that is a difficult item to buy for those fosterers who are without car.

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