Monday, May 16, 2011


In early April Gretchen wrote in about a small shy cat who had been frequenting her porch at 54th near Cornell for a couple weeks. She said "my 2 cats and her have taken quite an interest in each other through the glass doors. Of course I started feeding her after a few nights, I'm a sucker to a cute face." Gretchen noticed the fur heart on the kitty's side and so she was called Heartie. We were able to help trap Heartie and had her fixed, vaxed, etc.; she's staying in a crate in a garage for a while, undergoing socialization.

Other Cats with Fur Hearts


Ruth said...

I call her Heartie luv-luv. She's a dear little thing and it's been a thrill to watch her slowly come out of her shell these past weeks. She loves to be petted so clearly was once someone's pet but found herself on the street. Lucky Heartie that Gretchen noticed her and brought her to HPC. Heartie's very responsive to a kind voice. She likes other cats, so would be a great companion cat for anyone looking for a second (third, fourth or fifth ...)

Anonymous said...

Let me in! Let me IN!!

Ohhhh, you DID,

thank you