Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nursing Home Cats

"South of the Midway," for those of you outside Hyde Park, refers to a specific swath of real estate that extends a few blocks south of the Midway Plaisance between Stony Island and Cottage Grove. This little area is being developed by the University more and more as time goes on, but it is still home to numerous apartments and condos, some churches, plenty of alleys, and LOTS of cats. There is also a nursing home in this area where some outdoor cats congregate for food, and volunteers have been working to get those cats fixed. So far one male and five females have been trapped and fixed. Three of those females were pregnant! Whimsey, Windsor, Phoebe, Felicity, Lillet, and Abby, you shall procreate no more, no more, procreate no more. Pictured here is Abby the Tabby.

Thanks to Nancy, Paula, and Ruth for performing this valuable service to the community. If you would like to go cat-trapping too, let us know! The only way we can reduce the numbers of homeless and feral cats is through TNR. We need more people who are able to go out and get it done and we are particularly interested in hearing from you if you live South of the Midway/Woodlawn.

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