Monday, December 26, 2011

Grady: ADOPTED! Grady wishes everyone a happy happy end-of-Hanukkah/Boxing Day/end of the year!

Thanks to everyone who has made Hyde Park Cats run this year. To our fosterparents, who take such loving care of their charges -- thank you! To our fabulous team of volunteers who do everything from coordinating trips to the clinic to accounting for our money to checking references to setting up adoption events -- thank you! To our adopters, who welcome our cats into their forever homes -- thank you! To the community (businesses like Parkers Pets and 57th Street Books, various University offices, and all the individuals we meet who want to help, and do) in and around Hyde Park and beyond, who support us in so many ways -- thank you! To our donors and readers who sustain us both physically and emotionally -- thank you!

Specific thanks today to Amy and George D., who wrote "Happy Holidays! Thanks for everything you do." Thanks to Yvonne S., whose donation "is in memory of my mom and step dad's beloved kitty, Bella, who passed away this year after a long life as a cherished family member. And thanks to Sherri C.; Julie L.; and Judith D. and Michael C.

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