Friday, December 30, 2011


December is usually our slowest time of year. We scramble for foster homes as our devoted fosterers take a break from their fostering duties to travel for the holidays. And usually there is very little interest in adoptions this time of year.

Something great happened this December -- you could call it a [insert your winter holiday of choice here] miracle. EIGHT kitties found new homes. Yes, readers, if I were more on the ball I would have made this post on the eighth night of Hanukkah! But better late than never.

The starring lineup is:

Octavia and Livia: two of our many current kittens, together!

Grady: whose adopter recently lost an elderly ill kitty.

Shy Paulina, picked out of the Nursing Home colony at 62 and Dorcester: whose adopters asked us to suggest a kitty we had a hard time placing.

Jojo: who got his very own 12 year old boy for Christmas.

Ellison: A 'foster failure' case with a new kittysister.

Paxton, the cat who beat the odds.

and Clark whose adopter and boyfriend TNRed a cat with our help months ago, and so that good deed came back to us when it came time for her to adopt her own kitty.

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HUGE THANK YOUs to RECENT DONORS! To Ginny L. and Dan M. for their generous end-of-year donations to our fund at Treehouse, we thank you for funding many TNR surgeries for future kitties. Thanks also to Veronica W. and to Matt M. for donating to our local efforts!

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