Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Grady is a friendly and independent cat, yet a bit timid from his time outside--he would do best in a calm home that is willing to give him time to adjust. Fostermom Laura says that "Grady likes to be in the same room as the people in the house, but is not a lap cat. Instead he prefers to be watching what's happening from the sidelines. I can pick him up without problems, but he usually does not like to be snuggled for too long. Grady occasionally will approach me to ask for a few pets, but then goes about his own business.

Grady is very playful and humorous to watch. He is often rolling and chasing his ball around, doing laps around the apartment, and jumping from one piece of furniture to the next. He is extremely energetic!

Grady is great for someone who does not want a lap cat, and prefers a cat who is very independent and easy to take care of. He has no problem with the litter box and entertains himself." He's a sweet little guy who took a chance on coming in from the cold. He's neutered, vaccinated, neg/neg, and ready for a furrever home!

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