Sunday, November 27, 2011

Roger ... the foodie

Roger is an adorable spunky and frisky young male cat, removed from the Liliana alley, who loves the inside life and who loooves food (cat food, dog food, mangos, burritos, sushi...really anything he sees people eating seems to be fair game0. Besides food, his other love is playtime. He loves playing with string and acts like a feisty, overgrown kitten during playtime. He's also generous with kisses when in a snuggly mood enjoying chin scratches and the occasional tummy rub. His love for food makes him easy to train -- it took him exactly 5 minutes and 5 treats to figure out that the scratching post is waaaaay cooler than the rug. He will also roll on his back and grab your hand and vigorously wash it :) Roger is FIV+, but can lead a long, healthy life in a stable forever home. He's neutered, up to date on shots, and ready to bring the fun and excitement into his furrever home! Roger just had his first Thanksgiving inside, in his loving fosterhome. Wouldn't you love to share the rest of the holidays with this handsome and festive man? Previous Roger posts.


Anonymous said...

Roger's da man!!!

lilolady said...

MANGO! Of course, silly people!