Thursday, November 10, 2011


Curly is an ultra-friendly kitty from the Pullman neighborhood (to our south), where we have a TNR partner. He is very, very happy to finally be inside! Curly has been fixed and vaccinated and is FIV+. FIV+ cats can live long contented lives and can be integrated into a household with FIV- cats with no problem. He is extremely sweet and vocal and has a curly tail which curls up tightly like a piggies - so much so that we almost wonder if he is some sort of curly-tailed kitty breed -- these photos don't quite capture it. Curly had to belong to someone at some point as he loves people, but has been on the streets for at least a couple of years. He is about four years old and ready for a furrever home. If you've been looking for someone special, Curly is here for you!

Thanks Elke for the food donation!

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