Monday, November 28, 2011

Marcie and Langley/Oscar

Last week Diane H., a long-term TNR person and caretaker of Black and White Cat World, made two interesting catches.

Diane called this black male Oscar ... Oscar turned out to be Langley, neutered in March 2011. He was TNRed as part of the Liliana Colony, which means he roamed from 62nd and Cottage Grove to around 61 and Ellis (crossing Cottage, a very busy street). Diane reports that he has taken over a back-stairs carrier shelter so perhaps he'll stick close to Diane now.

At the same time, Diane finally trapped and spayed Marcie, the last hold-out from the Peanuts gang (around 62/Drexel). Marcie tested neg/neg and had an ovarian cyst which the kind veterinary staff at Treehouse removed (with, you know, the rest of her hysterectomy). Past Peanuts members who were TNRed include Mamico and Naru (he of the funny "Narboo?" video) and Peppermint Patty and Linus.

Diane has been working on this group since the summer of 2010. Marcie had at least two litters of kittens we know of, evading us humans and our silly traps all this time. Here she is with a litter last summer. Diane couldn't catch the kittens and chose not to remove Marcie at that time.

This all goes to show that sometimes TNR is a long-term process. It's also interesting to see cross-over between the colonies! Mazel tov and yasher koach to Diane for sticking with it!

* * * *

Thanks to Maia F. for the litterbox! We do accept donations of pet-related items and if our fosterers/feeders can't use the donation, we will share with another organization.

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