Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stella and Pond

These two gorgeous kitties are Stella and Pond, a mother and daughter. They were found by Erin, U of C grad student who lived in Pilsen. Just as she was about to graduate and move away, here were these two kitties in need! Did Erin just ignore them? No! She worked her butt off to get these two inside, and now we need forever home or homes for them. Gorgeous Stella the teen mom (she's probably only one year old) is a Russian-blue type who is very friendly and particularly enjoys ear rubs. Black kitten Pond is a playful type who enjoys the cat dancer toy. Although we would prefer to keep this mommy-daughter duo together, we will consider separating them for the right homes.

Many of our fosterparents are going away for the holidays and we are scrambling for placements for our cats. If you're staying put at home over the holidays, this is a great time to welcome a feline companion into your home -- a wonderful gift for yourself and the cat. (However, we do not adopt out cats as gifts for others -- only for yourself/your family.) Please also consider being a foster parent over the holidays! This can be a one-time commitment to help us out as our fosterparents travel. Email to ask about adopting or fostering!

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