Friday, December 2, 2011


Bubbles, aka Bubba, is a very handsome and very awesome cat. He was found drifting around the Parkview Katz colony (51st and Cottage Grove), unneutered and uncollared, although very dapper and fancy looking. He was clearly friendly, desperately wanting into a home. Caretaker Aimee brought him in for vetting and he is currently in our special safe house on campus. Bubbles is neg/neg for viruses, neutered, chipped, and oh so very soft, an unusual tabby pattern and gorgeous green eyes. He has big giant lion feet for making biscuits with, and a big lion head with big jowls. He is responsive to his name, soft, holdable, confident. He is not afraid of dogs, but does not seem to want to share the glory with other cats. He would be the perfect pet for someone seeking calm companionship, a cat who will help you enjoy your holiday cheer. Apply today for some quality snuggling during the chilly weather!


A belated thank you to Joan P. for her Thanksgiving donation. Her note read: "Because I am thankful today for, among other things, all the cats that have enhanced my life over the years. And because I am thankful for people like Hyde Park Cats who are there for kitties in need. Happy Thanksgiving to all!"

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