Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Fergus is a very friendly, sweet, and personable medium-haired tabby. Fergus approached Hyde Parkers Devin and Jen one evening near 55th and Cornell, meowing for attention. He had no collar and was quite thin, so they scooped him up and he made his way to us. Thanks to Devin and Jen for bringing him to the vet, too.

Fergus knew he wanted to be a Cat with People, and he's very happy to be inside. He greets fosterpeople at the door with friendly chirping and every time he sees fostermom he acts as though she is most amazing person in the world. He loves to play with string, sit on your lap, and sleep in the crook of your leg. This darling boy belongs with someone who will shower him with affection and appreciate his sweet, good nature. Are you seeking your bestie? Fergus is waiting.

Fergus' fostermom adds: Fergus is such a sweet and loving cat. He loves to cuddle and be around people. Check out some updated photos of him on the facebook page in the available for adoption album!"updated photos

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