Friday, December 16, 2011


Great news! Yesterday we brought Paxton to be tested for FIV/FeLV, and he is negative for both! Paxton had been discovered in a yard in a crate with another cat, and that cat was discovered to be dying from FeLV. Paxton seemed healthy, so we gave him some indoor fosterhome time before testing him (to rule out any false positives). And he's neg/neg, so this beautiful boy is healthy and ready to be adopted! View the video ... he plays fetch.

Yesterday's group trip to the clinic also included an adult male, Lenny, from the Parkview Katz colony, and a lone kitten, Opus, from that same colony. Opus has a serious eye infection requiring antibiotics. We are keeping him in a volunteer's bathroom for now, but are seeking a foster home or two to help us with our cat overflow. Would you like to make a concrete contribution to goodwill towards ALL this holiday season? Foster a cat!

Thanks to the UC Admissions folks who posted us on their Tumblr. We appreciate the support!

Huge thank-yous to some recent donors: Joanne S., Mike R., and Jennifer P., and to Mary H., who donated to us in honor of Meg Matthews and Bryan Howie. Your donations pay for spay/neuter surgeries and vaccinations for street cats and routine care as needed, such as booster shots, for cats in our foster-care system. And thanks to Anna F. for the donation of cat toys (etc.), which I've been giving out to fosterers. Thank you all!


Matt Campbell said...

How do you think Paxton would get along with other cats? We have two sibling males who are 6 years old and are rescues off the streets here in Hyde Park themselves. They love to play and chase each other. One of them also fetches like Paxton.

bundeleh said...

It's hard to say for sure. We do know he used to live with at least one other cat, another adult male.