Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Clark is a sweet cat who was rescued from the Liliana colony near 62nd off Cottage Grove. He spent the first week inside thinking he was supercat, sitting on top of the linen closet, flying up there any time fostermom came by, and flying down to eat when no one was looking at him. However after another week, he decided people are his favorite play toys and grabs sneakers and hugs them every time fostermom comes over. He's very conversational as well and loves to chase his jingle toys. Just toss them and he's leaping right after them. He is also very curious and even managed to turn on the faucet on the sink. What a smart little guy! He's still not totally comfortable with being picked up and, like many cats, is initially nervous around new people. Once you give him a chance to see you're not a big meanie, he'll be hugging your shoes too and demanding pets and playtime. He's neutered and ready to go home today!

Thanks to Mike H. and James M. for their regular donations!

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