Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy ending update: Talullah

Talullah as a foster kitty

Talullah as a forever kitty

Talullah was my very own foster kitty ... I had her from March until right before Rosh Hashanah (several weeks ago). In my home she went from being a kitten to being a cat. Even though she is so beautiful and funny, no potential adopters showed any interest in her at all.

Then the right adopter came along. Julie's older cat had recently died and her younger cat needed a playmate. Julie understood the special needs of the shy cat and even though Talullah was not particularly cooperative on Julie's first visit ... Julie took her home. It was a bittersweet day in our household.

Julie writes that "Tallulah adjusted very quickly to our home! Within the first week she was out and about and investigating new lounging spots and our other cat, Ernie. After almost a month, "Lulah" and Ernie are the best of friends. They chase each other through the house sounding like elephants, nap together, and wrestle and groom each other too.

Tallulah is also a big softie for belly rubs and chin scratches, and has become a lot less shy around hands - we can usually reach down to pet her and after an initial jump she'll sniff fingers and then purr LOUDLY for a back scratch. She goes crazy for catnip and loves the laser pointer... We are so happy that we can give her a forever home! Thanks to her fostermom for keeping her with love for so long until we found her :)"

You're welcome Julie! We are so happy that Lulah found the perfect home and we know she'll being you years of happiness. Happy Life, TALULLAH!


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This gives me hope. I am fostering the world's most wonderful kitty-in-from-the-cold, but a forever family hasn't come forward yet. The family has to be incredible because this ex-feral teen mother certainly is. Again, thanks for all you do.