Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Small but feisty Ocee was hanging around Karen and family's porch at 48th and Champlain. She was causing a problem -- every time anyone saw her, she'd try to climb right into a lap! Ocee loves -- loves -- loves all people. Karen's child named Ocee ("Oh, see!") and the family committed to getting Ocee medical care and into a home. Now she's here and seeking a forever home. Who wants to be the person to make Ocee's kid's dream of a home for this kitty come true?

Fosterdad Jim says: "Ocee is a sweet sweet little girl. She loves humans. Immediately she was at home with me -- very quickly moved from under the chair to the sofa to the bed, where she likes to spend her time (she sleeps at the end of the bed or tucked in behind the knees). She is a playful girl too -- she went through the toy drawer and picked out the mice and balls one by one to try out. What she likes most of all, though, is getting head scratches and back rubs, which she responds to in her very distinct way: lifts her front paws alternatively while looking out into space with mystical delight."

Apply to adopt Ocee by emailing hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com.

ETA. Ocee has some congenital defects -- some small teeth, a strangely shaped part of her mouth, and mild deformity in the hind section affecting toes and hips. She can't jump well.

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