Friday, January 27, 2012


Yesterday we got a call from the local animal clinic that a cat microchipped to us, "Goldie," had been turned in in pretty bad condition. We realized this is a feral cat from one of the colonies we work with on the near south side, one we call Tanya's Tribe, after the dedicated caretaker there. Click here and scroll through past posts on TT.

It turns out Goldie has a virulent URI and, sick, had wandered away. She was found by a neighbor. That person had taken her inside, put her on a heating pad, and then had gotten her to the clinic. When she was assessed by the staff she had a temperature of 90 degrees.

We let Tanya know Goldie's whereabouts (she had been looking for Goldie for three days!) and took her over to the clinic. Tanya was so happy to see Goldie! Many tears were shed. Goldie is still in precarious health, as is another cat from that colony, Devon, who went to the vet last Saturday. We are working hard to nurse these cats back to health and to keep this URI from spreading throughout Tanya's colony.

Kudos to Tanya for taking care of these cats, to the caring neighbor who didn't leave Goldie to die on her porch, to Hyde Park Animal Clinic, and to Dr. Williams in particular, who made the decision to try to save Goldie's life, even when it appeared that she was a feral with no one to take responsibility for her.

Thanks Mike R. for responding already with a donation for Goldie! We will be continuing to provide veterinary care for Tanya's Tribe.

Here's a photo of Tanya and one of her kitties in the spring of 2010:


Eevie said...

Tanya, this makes me cry. You are AWESOME.

lilolady said...

Tanya, I echo Eevie. Your devotion to the animals is so very kind.

lilolady said...

Congratulations on the 100th follower of this blog! I'm going to hit your donate button in honor of that, and in appreciation for Tanya's steadfastness, and all those associated with this story.