Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Inexplicable! This long-haired and fluffy beauty is still available for adoption!

April was turned into a high-kill animal-control facility several months ago with her four beautiful babies, all of whom have now been adopted. Her fostermom says " She has a very peaceful nature and avoids conflicts. She has never scratched or bitten anyone, and she will hide when she's uncomfortable. She enjoys her food so careful not to feed her too much or she'll become overweight! Despite not being a kitten, April likes to play and does it so funnily that you can just enjoy watching her playing with toys." April has perfect litterbox habits and is spayed and vaxed. She lives with a toddler and has proven to be very child-friendly. In fact, Fostermom says that "April is a very kind cat. She likes being petted. And she can be very curious - she often follows us to watch what we are going to do!"

So let's see: beautiful, fluffy, kind, neat, sweet, funny, playful. Perfect! Apply to adopt April by emailing hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com.

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