Thursday, March 21, 2013


Henry is a big, friendly, declawed orange tabby who was being fed by a woman in Schereville, Indiana. She called around until she finally found a place to help her and bring Henry inside -- Hyde Park!

Henry has been outside for at least eight months. Last week Aimee, a regular volunteer and feral-cat caretaker, drove all the way to Schererville and back. He found himself immediately brought to the veterinarian, who tested him for FIV/FeLV (double neg!), gave him a much-needed dental (removing five teeth), and of course gave some deflea/antiparasite meds. Apparently while at the vet Henry couldn't help but rub his face on anything and everyone, so happy was he to be on the verge of an indoor life again.

Fostermom says Henry is just the sweetest cat. He's a big marmalade purrball, playful and snuggly.

A special thank you to our sustaining donor Mike H., who made a special donation earmarked for our use at the local vet clinic. In cases like Henry's we need to access our handy local vet. These fees add up! Big purrrrrs to you Mike H.!

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