Monday, March 18, 2013

Miao Yin

Miao Yin is one of the kitties we've rescued from a South Side hoarding situation. 

Fostermom writes that "She tends to greet us enthusiastically when we first walk into the room, then settles down quickly and snuggles and plays with only quiet little remarks now and then. She is very snuggly and affectionate, loves belly-rubs, and has recently discovered that a lap is good place for grooming or for curling up on and going to sleep. She likes chasing sparkly balls as well as things dangled from poles. She accepts nail trimming quite calmly. Her litter box habits continue to be perfect." 

Miao Yin, as we mentioned, grew up in a very crowded place. She may yowl at first when left alone or in a new situation. She is a sable cat --  black with a silvery underlining. 

Miao Yin's former housemate, Lucille, is also available for adoption!

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