Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy endings Gretchen and Javier

Javier, top, is doing well in his forever home with foreverdad Hiro. Found in a backyard in Pilsen, he's now happily ensconsed in a Hyde Park home with his new dog. Mazel tov and happy life, Javi!

Gretchen, who was found last winter out in the cold, has found her furrever home! Her forevermom, Charmain, wrote in that  "Gretchen is adjusting really well.  She runs and plays through the house now; and I'm quite amazed that she doesn't even hide when I have visitors.  When visitors come she just sits and glares up at them.  Gretchen is a joy to have around--we are a good match for each other." Mazel tov Charmain and Gretchen! Happy life!

Thanks to some recent donors -- our regulars, Mike H. and James M., to Norah O'D, who donated for Topaz' vet bill (more on this), and to Juliet H., who is taking care of some business in Kenwood! And thanks to Kimberly C., and Dawn D. -- happy national feral cat day to YOU!

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