Sunday, October 14, 2012


Harold is a very affectionate, very curious, and very friendly boy cat who was living outside around the Bronzeville Community Garden at 51st and Calumet. Adrienne, a farmer associated with the market, kept seeing him and noting too that everyone who passed by noted that he was a particularly striking and friendly cat. One day Adrienne saw him gnawing on an old chicken bone, which just broke her heart. So she scooped him up and brought him to PAWS to be neutered and tested.  Adrienne says "he is just so friendly. He's very playful and sweet, and he just wants to climb into your arms. He meows for attention, purrs when you pet him, and loves to rub on ankles and get close to you." 

Harold managed to charm the pants off Adrienne's friend already, so he's not in search of a home, but every Hyde Park Cat must have his or her online day. Three cheers for Adrienne and Harold!


lilolady said...

Awwwww!!! This deserves a comment if only a thank you!

Stephen Domanik said...

I am the luck duck to have Harold in my life now. He has adjusted to his new kept lifestyle extremely well. His days are filled with food, play, sleep, and play. He lives up to his moniker by cooing like a pigeon when playing or in search of cuddles. Luckily he has a fellow playmate named Clementine, who was rescued from my East Garfield Park backyard. Clem and Harold are the feline version of Romeo and Juliet, enjoying play time reenacting scenes from Benny Hill comedies, and pining for each others company when sequestered in their own apartments.