Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sheba says Happy Halloween

Yesterday MJK got word from Adrienne, one of our South-of-the-Midway partners in TNR, that there was a black kitten at the corner of 67th and Cornell.  In addition to her concern about the kitten being outside in the cold weather, Adrienne was worried about the potential dangers facing black cats at Halloween (better safe than sorry).  Late last night MJK found the kitten nestled in a bed of leaves under a hedge in the playground at 67th and Cornell.  "Sheba" is safe and warm now, with a full tummy and a comfy bed.  She purrs like a diesel engine and is extremely sweet and affectionate.  She is using the litter box like a pro.  She is probably only two or three months old.

Happy Halloween!

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Ainat said...

Sheba is actually closer to 9 months old.