Saturday, November 3, 2012

Springing Abraham

Inside carrier inside cage at ACC. Enhance for eyeballs.

Scaredy cat

Some of his friends await him back home

Last week we received a message that Abraham, a feral cat from Tanya's Tribe south of the Midway, had been picked up by Animal Care and Control. We helped Tanya get Abraham fixed in June of 2010, and it was the microchip he received at that point that let ACC know he had some people looking out for him. It took us a while to track down the requisite information to secure his release, but this weekend volunteers sprung him from his cage and returned him to his outdoor home.

If you look closely at the last picture, taken at Abraham's release spot, you can see Big Papa, last seen on the blog in 2010. Looking good!

Thanks to Sara and the volunteers at ACC and Treehouse who helped us spring Abraham, and to our own volunteers, particularly Ainat and Nadav, for helping return Abraham to his place.

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