Saturday, November 10, 2012


Soft blankets...

Lots of food....

Chappelle is.... happy to be inside!
Meet our newest orange and white female darling.  Chappelle was saved by the coordination of several of our star volunteers after they were contacted about a crying cat who had just been tossed out of a car.  A big thank you to our volunteers, who are always ready to assist in and around Hyde Park!

Fostermom writes, "Chappelle is settling in very well--from the moment we opened her carrier in the house she's acted like she owns it.  She almost immediately took up residence on my bed--and as you can see, she's pretty loathe to relinquish her claim on it.  She's wonderfully affectionate, especially when she wants food, and though she's not quite a lap cat and hasn't quite worked up the nerve to hang out with us in the evening, she's wonderfully well-behaved and isn't shy about showing her personality.  She has a sweet meow (even when it's demanding food!) but she's more likely to purr when you come in the room or communicate with little chirps. In short, she's recovering from her ordeal (thrown from a car! the nerve!) and I'm so lucky that I get to spend time with her!"

Chappelle has been doing great indoors, and will be up for adoption once she receives standard medical care.  Please contact to inquire about adopting Chappelle!