Monday, November 26, 2012


Dame Judi Dench in her favorite position

Dame Judi Dench - or Judi, for short - came to us from a local volunteer after her husband noticed Judi repeatedly visiting his shop, looking for food and affection.  She had a fracture in her elbow and was clearly not prepared for this life outdoors. We attempted to contact her previous owner, but no one showed up to claim her.  Now, Judi is looking for a happy home of her own where she won't have to worry about being put out any longer!

Judi is a super affectionate cat, and she loves humans - her foster family, strangers, children - basically anyone she meets!  Her first foster home had other cats, whom she didn't seem to want to get to know.  She spent most of her time there snuggled up to foster parents on the couch, snoozing, and enjoying warm indoors and steady meals.  Current foster family has several small children, and Judi has been doing fantastic with them.  They write, "We really love Judi - she seems to have settled in really well, and she is so affectionate, playful, gentle with the children and just a joy to have around. Wish we could keep her!"

Judi would be a perfect match for someone who wants a gentle, easy-going snuggly companion.  She clearly would be find around small kids.  We estimate her to be a few years old (under 5), she has all her shots, and has tested neg/neg.  She still has a slight limp due to her fractured elbow, and we are following up with the vet through Hyde Park Cats to ensure no additional procedures are needed.   Please email to meet Judi today!


carlsoki said...

oh that is just precious! what a lovely kitty and lovely kids!

Olivia said...

I would like to add, as the one who initially rescued Judi and housed her for for several weeks, that she did warm up to my cats and I think she'd be able to integrate into a household with other cats just fine! Not a deal breaker!