Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Papa

Big Papa was a surprise catch at Tanya's Tribe a few nights ago. He's an old male tom, as evidenced by his giant "football" head. Poor Big Papa has clearly been on a downward spiral: he has fluid in his lungs, a touch of pneumonia, an upper respiratory infection. He has bad rips in his front paw pads (so bad that flesh is coming out) and there is an old wound by his ear. Also, he has many broken teeth.

As tomcats get older, they fare worse and worse in the inevitable fighting. The amazing thing for B.P. is that he is negative for FIV and FeLV! So he's been neutered and he'll spend a bit of time in a fosterhome -- in a crate, at least at first. We'll report back on Big Papa's progress.

Thanks to Norah for her donation to help Big Papa on his healing way. And Scott, that's your dog crate he's in! All our work is funded by donations.


Ruth said...

I'm so glad that BP is getting the care he so badly needs. I hope he can enjoy his confinement for a while at least and that somewhere in his feline brain or heart he knows that we are trying to help him. He looks quite happy in that roomy dog cage, I must say, so maybe he does know ...

Martha said...

I am so glad Big Papa is getting the care and rest that he so badly needs. Life on the streets for an aging old guy is hard. I agree with Ruth: he looks pretty content in that big cage.