Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Minette et Martha

Readers, sad news: kittens Maxime and Maurice succumbed to a strong URI (upper respiratory infection). Volunteer Sue S. and fosterparents Claire and Olivier made heroic efforts to save the kittens. Martha is the sole kitten survivor. But she and maman Minette are beautifully gray and gorgeous and we expect Martha to make a 100% recovery. Please email us with offers of a home. Minette is extremely affectionate, decorative and soft, loving and a good companion.

Thanks Scott M. for the donation of the dog crate. We use dog crates to socialize shy cats and to isolate nursing moms.


Ruth said...

What a gorgeous bundle of grey and white fluff. And I hope Martha has a life big enough for 3, in memory of her brothers.

Sarah said...

Her photo definitely belongs as the illustration of "fluffball" in the dictionary. RIP chats-freres.

Ainat said...

I just visited this pair last night and Minette is absolutely gorgeous with deep orange eyes. She is only about 8-9 months old.