Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Nadia (young female, about 6 months) was found at the bottom of a stairwell in the 6700 block of Cornell (Tanya's Tribe territory), barely breathing and limp. She is at the veterinary clinic now, but it is unclear about what is wrong. Given her symptoms, it could be trauma (though there is no evidence of wounds or broken bones), toxicity, or heat stroke. She is on fluids and perking up some. Can you please help us to cover the costs of her care? Her name, Nadia, means hope. Keep your positive thoughts flowing for Nadia ... and open your wallet! Donations of any amount are welcome. Please do not think that ten dollars doesn't help. It goes directly to paying the veterinary bill.

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knotting shoelaces said...

She looks just like our little Bea.

My husband David and I both lived with a very singular lady named Nadia/Nadezhda when we met and fell in love in Russia, and I always think of it as a name for a strong and determined woman. May it give this sweetheart the strength to pull through her illness.