Sunday, October 28, 2012


Gerdie is a young female who has been living in Washington Park for ... nobody knows. She only has four teeth left (after her recent dental check up and cleaning), which tells us life has been rough. Gertie was originally a TNR project, but trapper/fosterer Adrienne saw something in Gertie that wouldn't let her give up. After a few months, she has filled out, fluffed up, and friendly-fied herself. "She has turned into a real sweetheart," says Adreinen. "She can be pet pretty much everywhere now, we can pick her up, I can get her into a carrier without any problems, and she takes oral antibiotics without a fuss."  

Now the last time we saw Gerdie, we knew her as Janet. The mother of Iris and May, the two kittens found stashed in a gardening shed, Janet-now-Gerdie is too sweet to put back outside, especially before the winter.  Email if you think you might be her person.

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