Friday, October 12, 2012


Veronica was found wandering in a neighborhood in Roseland, running up to anyone who would pay attention to her.  She is a friendly, curious, talkative dilute “torbie” (tortie and tabby combo platter) who just loves to be around people.  You can carry on a conversation with her about just about any topic.  She is very expressive, quirky, chatty, and opinionated, and loves to show off playing with her toys.  She has a unique and independent personality, and loves to cuddle on laps and purr like crazy.  Veronica is an adult female and gets along with other cats and is an all-around wonderful, playful, funny companion.  Despite having a minor injury to her right eye which likely happened during her time on the streets, she is healthy and happy and looking for a home. Email!

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