Monday, August 24, 2009

Construction Cat Seeks Home: Connie

Constance is Teh Qte

warning: ridiculously cute kitten pix

Looking for a kitten with an amazing story? Well, when we found poor Connie she was about a week old and had slid out of her nest into the bottom of a trash heap. She was dehydrated and covered with maggots--but calling out with all her strength for some help. It was her little mews that helped to save her whole family. All along she has shown an amazing will to live and has been incredibly precocious despite her small (and extra cute) stature. She was bottle fed for three days until she could be reunited with her mommy, and you can tell: She's the first one to greet her foster human at the door, and she loves to be held. Because she's extra wee, we think she should stay with her cat mommy until at least August 25th so she can nurse as long as she wants. Connie is black with a few silver hairs and little white spot on her chest.


Anonymous said...

Baby kittenz!

margaret said...

I like how she relaxes! ;-)