Monday, August 23, 2010

Harper and Peanut updates

Harper (formerly known as FREE CAT is doing well in fostermom Amy's home. He loves affection. He loves having his face stroked but isn't much of an in-your-face cat. He has very wide-set eyes of a slight almond shape and the longest eyelashes ever seen on a cat. His eyes are a lovely jade color. He loves having his head rubbed - but not his tummy. The stuff on his eyes is just tears; it is much worse in pictures than in person and is merely cosmetic. He would prefer a quieter home where he can feel secure and loved.

And Peanut is off the market!


Ruth said...

Harper also lived with another cat for many years so can get along with others. He is such a sweet boy and seems younger than his age which is around 8. We have his medical records and his health is fine. He's a darling who purrs continuously when petted. He will be very dedicated to whoever gives him a forever home.

Yvonne said...

Peanut is adopted already? Hooray!

Amy said...

Harper really is the sweetest cat. In his month or so with me, he's come so far!! He wants to be nuzzled and pet a lot and also likes to just lie on the floor near your feet and keep you company. He also loves to roll around in the bathtub to keep cool! He follows me all around the house and has been a great companion. I know he will be relieved and happy when he gets to stay put with a loving family for good.