Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Recent adoptions: Peanut! Pym and Luna together! Fawn! Sfama! Juniper and Dudley (both "foster failures") And all six Sophie kittens have found forever homes.

By my count, this brings us to NINETY FIVE cats adopted directly through Hyde Park Cats. (We have also brought numerous cats to PAWS and Treehouse for adoption through their programs.)

Pictured here are Mimi and Isabella, who were removed from the MJK Alley, our first project. Mimi is the original, the first HPC cat! She was brought to Treehouse and ... adopted by MJK herself. She now resides right here in Hyde Park, a treasured and pampered (and fat) housecat.

WHO will be the hundredth cat adopted through Hyde Park Cats? Vote now!

Will it be ...

96 Tashma
97 Sophie
98-99 Achilles and Istria
100 ........ Harper

The reader(s) who accurately predict the next five adoptions wins ... a FREE CAT! Ha ha ha just kidding. We'd never give away one of our cats! Leave your "fantasy cat adoption" draft picks in the comments.

LATE BREAKING NEWS. Last night we learned that Pattie and Tricia's long-term fosterers have decided to adopt them. So that brings our new total to 97!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad to hear that Sfama has a home! She's a sweetie. Thank you for helping her.

And of course, I'm happy for the other fur-purries as well, but having found Sfama, I have a special place in my heart for her. :)

Anonymous said...

Sarah, kitties you find seem to have excellent luck in finding speedy forever homes! Frankie, and now Sfama get that good fortune.

Wonder who will be #100

Ruth said...

Hooray for foster failure! And hooray for the people who have adopted nearly 100 cat from us!

Olivia said...

Just a question....what is "foster failure"?


bundeleh said...

Foster failure is when a fosterer "fails" at their job of fostering and decides to adopt the cat. It's just a loving joke! ;>

Zoe said...

I'm a failed foster parent myself! After several months of fostering Juniper, I've decided to keep her because I'm totally in love with her! (As is my other cat... I just couldn't separate them!)

Olivia said...

Ah, so it's a positive thing!