Thursday, April 29, 2010

Va Va Voom Torties!

There is no more beautifully intricate and amazing fur coat in the world, in my opinion, than a tortoiseshell cat. Look at these ladies! Pattie and Tricia came to us from the Bridgeport neighborhood. Their owners had moved and left their cats behind -- not just Tricia and Pattie but also their boyfriends, Owl and Theo (also available for adoption).

Pattie is as sweet as she is pretty - this companionable cat likes nothing better than to curl up next to you, or on you, and purr and march. She can do that for hours. Pattie likes face to face contact, is very easy going and affectionate.

Tricia also loves contact and companionship but will spend some of her time with you playing too. She has very long slim limbs and tail and likes to stretch her long fine limbs by chasing toys and hunting for things.

Pattie and Tricia are thoroughly domesticated and will fit seamlessly into a home environment. They get along extremely well together - perhaps they are sisters or a mother-daughter team. They sleep together at night and engage in lively mutual grooming. They are used to living with other cats too, so would be fine in a multi-cat household.

Pattie and Tricia are both spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, negative for FIV and FeLK, litterbox trained and also GORGEOUS. They can be adopted separately, together, or with one of their boyfriends. Or you can adopt all four!

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ruth said...

Humans have not been kind to Pattie and Tricia. One set walked out on them. Another man threatened to poison them. But despite that they don't give up on us - these are two of the sweetest most loving cats you could ever hope to meet. They are named after their advocate Patricia who worked so hard to rescue them.