Thursday, April 22, 2010

JUNIPER kittens

JUNIPER KITTENS. Adoption process is now open!

Four boys!!! Kittens must be adopted in pairs; an application form and a fee are required (we are discounting our regular rate because we are requiring adoption in pairs). Email for info.

TOTO is the smaller black kitten ... with a white spot on the tum tum!!!!

FIDO is the gray kitty with a white bib -- just like mom's! The most outgoing of the bunch.

ROXY is the brown tabby. Loves his mommy.

REX is the marginally bigger black kitten -- also with a white place on the tummy!!!!

JUNIPER is the black cat with a white bib -- mamma cat -- she is a shy kitty. She has lived outside, in the Black and White Cat World colony, for several years. We don't know if she was born outside. She would like a quiet and understanding home where she can relax and come out of her shell at her own pace.


Ruth said...

What beautiful kittens with great canine names. I hope someone will adopt Juniper and some of her kittens together as I'm sure their trust of humans will rub off on her.

Diane H said...

All boys - there has to be a special place for the mom who has 4 boys!

lilolady said...

Great kitties, and, those are very cute kids.